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                    Serena's Image is celebrating 36 years in business!


           It's time to invest in yourself & nurture your creativity.  

                  Serena's Image  proudly provides interior design, styling, decorating courses and colour training. 

                         Enrolments are now available for 2024

  Serena's Image Diploma of Interior Design, Decorating &                                            Styling Course

                                                   Dates and Prices

             Choose one of the following start dates, and email for an enrolment form or phone 5448 1887


                                         Wednesday  10.07.24     9.45am to 1.00pm or 6-9pm x 14 weeks

                                         Monday       08.07.24.    9.45am to 1.00pm or 6-9pm x 14 weeks

                                         Friday.        02.08.24.     9.45am to 1.00pm or 6-9pm x 14 weeks

                                                              Course cost : $2750.00 with full payment 


                                       OR $2950.00 with payment plan (deposit $500 and weekly payments of $175)

        Only eight places per course . Course is in person and held in the Peregian Springs Studio

THE COURSE INCLUDES: A Resene Design Kit, Manual , Fabric samples and paints , pencils etc.for use in class and delicious morning teas!

                                                                     See course details below       

                 Serena's Image Diploma of Interior Design,   Decorating & Styling Course

                                                               Course details

           COLOUR is the start of every good decor & design

COLOUR is a topic every home decorator should know about. It is considered one of the most important elements of great interior design!

Knowing how to use colour to its best advantage is not hard! It’s just a matter of learning and then practicing what you learn. Colour Psychology comes into play to create effective palette solutions to suit the individual or a client brief, along with harmony, unity and balance plus using proportional colour and tonal values. Colour schemes can be used to great effect to suit historical and architectural periods.

As a certified Colour Specialist and over thirty years experience, I have some great information to share with you about colour. Let’s use colour to create beauty in our homes.

Then of course, it is knowing how to decorate with style and bring out the expert stylist in you!

You can learn how interior stylists, decorators & designers have the incredible ability to arrange everything in a room successfully and with ease so that it looks like a page in a magazine?

 Once you know the principles of design and decorating it all makes sense. From furniture placement to accessorising and styling it all comes together. Styling is the buzzword of the moment and creating vignettes plus visual focal points is the really fun part of any decorating scheme. 

Decorating to suit your lifestyle is so important and following your personal style expression!

Combining suitability, light and texture and recognising the difference between good and bad design elements. Understanding how traffic and spacial flow works and the finer points to make a room succeed.

Do you know the difference between Naturals and Neutrals and how they work or decorating textiles and their application?

Learn how to create a mood board around your chosen style with our easy step by step formula.


                                  This course was created because I genuinely want you to succeed.

                     Serena’s Image is a quality provider of design education as recognised by the industry.


The Interior Design, Styling & Decorating Course will empower you to think like a designer with confidence.  

  I look forward to assisting you with your creative journey!

  You only need to attend one morning a week from 9.30am to 12.30pm or 6-9pm in the evenings.

  Who is this training suited to?

  • Design Passionistas!
  • Budding-Stylists, decorators and designers
  • Addicted home magazine readers
  • People with a passion to study Interiors or Styling
  • New career seekers
  • Home Managers with a passion for the environment they live in

          Interior Design, Styling & Decorating Part-time Course

This creative course will give you a thorough understanding of the key concepts used by professionals.

You will  learn how to develop colour schemes, decorating to suit lifestyles,  property styling, wall treatments, textiles and their application, floor plans and traffic flow, architectural styles & periods. colour and product selection etc. etc.

This course will give you the confidence to be able to work to a project brief and advise clients on interior decorating and design projects.

You will be able to create concept and mood boards with professionalism and at the end of the course you will have a portfolio of work to show your  potential clients.

 Pay in full upfront and save $$$.    Course cost : $2750.00 

 Payment plans available : Start your design career from just $500 deposit plus 14 weekly payments of $175 

                                                              ONLY eight places per course!

                                   Please complete the contact form and request an enrolment form.

 Allow approximately 3-5 hours a week for homework assignments

 No classes are held during the  school holidays as many of our students have family commitments.

 Don't miss out on your place with intimate class sizes and limited spots available.

 Your instructor is a practising professional Interior Designer,Decorator & Stylist, also having worked on numerous Stage Designs,    Visual Merchandising, Colour Consultancy and  Property Styling, Project Management, Commercial Design.

The training is industry recognised and students are sent from building & design firms, rendering, tiling & painting companies, property staging businesses and home designers.

This exciting career does not demand a university degree or other academic qualifications in Australia. Learn what the industry requires to gain the necessary skill-set.

By definition you become a professional interior designer/decorator with your first paid assignment. This experience will be exciting and rewarding!

At the end of this course, you will have the necessary training and skills to successfully handle virtually any assignment. You will have an insider’s knowledge of what the market requires and how to go about providing it.

We have a great range in our library of samples and reference material for  use on your concept & mood boards.

A fabulous kit is included in the course plus refreshments during lessons.

Learn the business skills you need to start your new career including pricing, scheduling, contracts and client communications skills.

Whatever your goals are we are here to assist you with premium quality training for a fraction of the cost than other training organisations. A pay as you learn system is available or pay upfront and save $$$

Course Subjects

1 Introduction to interior decorating with colour and style, colour psychology, personal colour, the colour wheel, colour harmony, colour themes & colour analysis. Colour confidence.


 Decorating styles to suit lifestyles. Architectural styles and periods. Analysing your personal style and bring out your inner stylist.  Proportional colour exercises. Getting started with Style files.


 Naturals/ neutrals and how they work. Intro to mood board presentation.

Tonal values, colour illusion, combining suitability, light & texture, good & bad design elements


 Traffic flow. Space planning & furniture placement, decorating tricks from the experts.

Balance, harmony, unity.  


Styling with Accessories & Art.  Colour planning.  Creating Vignettes

Detailing– the finer points and finishing touches. Art, China, Floral Art etc.

6 / 7

Window treatments & upholstery. Decorating textiles and their application.

 Flooring & Ceiling applications. Focus on walls and evaluation.

Wall treatments-special effects.

Presentation on  walls for week 9.


Elevations/Scale/Plans. Colour and product selection schedules.

Feng Shui for interiors.


Lighting & storage solutions. Property styling (pre-sale make-overs)


Kitchens & Bathrooms

Residential Interiors. Planning effectively, Commercial Interiors-workplace solutions for your design office, Business set-up.quotes, fee structures trade contacts, Marketing your newly acquired talents, Keeping abreast of new products, trade events.

Course objectives:

Learn how to make colour choices with professional flair
Combine colour schemes to identify with lifestyles

Find out how personal style preferences effects colour choice.
Create mood or concept boards to reflect colour and style choices.Balance colour in harmony

Colour confidence
Learn how to use colour as a personal expression of you or your future clients.

Create moods or atmospheres which calm, excite, take you to exotic places, reassure you or even add a bit of drama!
Understand the basic principles and application of colour theory.

Find out how to be creative with colour schemes as part of a total concept.
Make colour choices using guidelines from the colour wheel and understanding of the characteristics of colour.

Use colour illusions to change the balance of a room and find out how to maximise and minimise the details in a room.
Bring colour to life and be inspired with colour and decorating options to challenge the decorator in you.

Discover the endless possibilities of colour coordination to present mood or concept boards for clients or for simply planning your own home décor.
Begin your own colour and style reference file and you will be surprised at how quickly it all comes together.

This inspirational course will give you a thorough understanding of the key concepts and terms used by professional interior designer/decorators, with an insight into concept boards, colour schemes, soft furnishings, window coverings and more. At the completion of this course you will be able to advise customers on interior design projects, including recommending soft furnishings and design decorations to a brief. Create concept, mood, colour and materials boards with professionalism and graduate with your own portfolio to entice future clients or employers.

This course is available part-time in studio- three hours a week plus allow to three hours + per week  for homework assignments. Day and Evening Classes are available. No classes are usually held during the school holidays. Two intakes per year.

Class size is limited to allow each student the personal attention they require.

 You will receive a Serena's Image Diploma on completion.

A payment plan is available. Secure your place now with just   $500.00 deposit , 

Graduates will have the knowledge to move forward with their own professional or personal interior projects. SI graduates have gone on to pursue careers in interior design & decorating; building supply industries; decorating for prize homes; decor retailing; styling; visual merchandising; property styling and starting their own business and decorate their own homes.

Enrol now for courses starting   soon and get clued up on colour & design!

Serena's Image reserves the right to publish videos or photographs taken during class on their Instagram & Facebook pages (for promotional use only). No names will be used unless by arrangement. If you do not wish to have any images published, please advise at the time of enrolment and they will not be used.


      Interiors expert, Lady Serena Keenan offers her insights and forecasts on decorating & design directions for                                                                                    2024

 Learn about the growing trends in decorating and design aesthetics  to blend with timeless style to make your home feel current.

  The latest colour schemes and simple updates  will be covered plus we will discuss sustainability which is more important than ever considering our economic climate. Find out how to make design choices that will endure and be ecologically friendly.

  Lastly, you will create a mood board to find out where you are at with you current personal style for your home.     

                        What to bring: Twelve pictures (hard copies) from interiors magazines that you  love.

                                Delicious Morning tea is included- places are limited

            COST : $120.00 phone 5448 1887 or email  serena@serenasimage.com to book

                                                      June 12  9.30 -12.30

           Email now to go on the waiting list for future dates to serenas1@bigpond.com


                                                 Styling Workshops

We also run workshops in Decorating & Styling and courses in Home Staging & Styling which includes practical exercises, working with a brief to give you an edge on your styling projects.

Discover how to analyse spaces and find your inner decorator, to be able to work on client projects or  your own personal space. Find out how to create balanced schemes and produce stylish interior spaces.


    Colour, Styling Your Home & Decorating Course                                          2024

 Five week Styling Your Home & Decorating course 

 10am to 1.00pm one weekly in person lesson to discover the Stylist in you! Value @ $1535.        Special offer $997.00 

 Start dates:  Mon 08.07.24

                     Wed 10.07.24

                     Friday 02.08.24



Meet Your Trainer for the design,  decorating & STYLING course


Lady Serena Keenan 

Lady Serena Keenan

Interior Designer, Decorator, Stylist, Certified Colour Analyst, Stage Designer, Property Stylist & Visual Merchandiser and owner of Serena's Image. Her portfolio of work includes new builds, whole house renovations, multi story buildings, colour & styling consultations plus commercial projects and Integrated Home Staging with properties for sale. 


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