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         Deportment, Finishing, Personal Development & Etiquette (Manners for the 21st century).                   

What are deportment  classes and how can they change your life like Queen Mary did? This is the starting point!!!


Deportment classes and finishing schools are far from old-fashioned, placing too much emphasis on external appearances. Rather it’s about defining one's self-concept, or personal brand. Expanding your self-image and internal image, personal and professional development.


The principles are universal and will assist you to create more structure in your life to achieve the highest outcomes.


Deportment is about having elegance, grace, poise and high self-esteem. A confidence is emitted from having a good deportment, the way you stand, walk, sit, use stairs and enter a room. Realigning the body to appear more graceful can also help you appear youthful and vibrant.

Wardrobe and colours are more superficial, however worn properly can only enhance your personal brand and style. Learn how to define the key attributes you want your personal brand to convey e.g. confidence, authenticity, creativity, innovation, refinement, etc.

Classes are taught by Lady Serena, a former fashion model, parade compere and television commercial actor of royal descent.

Learn to shift your energy with photographic posing, on camera techniques, develop performance skills and public speaking abilities, learn to connect with your audience, grace, expression, style and movement, script memorisation, job interview techniques, sales/stage and public presentation, greeting and connecting with people, shaking hands properly, eye contact, building rapport, amongst other skills to improve your confidence and presence.

These skills require supreme confidence and can be learnt to condition yourself for the limelight.

Inner Makeover, learning Etiquette which is consideration of others.

A fun-filled and educational etiquette class focused on respect for others, sharing, table manners and polite conversation.

Lady Serena has worked with top executives, business owners, creatives, actors, television stars & presenters: including news & sports presenters. Plus, pageant & quest winners and runners-up for State, National and World titles.

Courses are held in the Sunshine Coast Studio

 Instalments options are not available for any school holiday / vacation programs or workshops unless payment is completed prior to the start of the course.

To ensure enrolment in your chosen course we encourage you to book early to avoid disappointment.

The easiest way to enrol is to request an enrolment form by emailing ladyserenakeenan@gmail.com . Then select which payment option is right for you, complete the form and email it back.

Please ensure you send in your enrolment form accompanied by the relevant deposit should you wish to enrol in any of the courses provided by Serena’s Image.

Sometimes due to unforeseen circumstances Serena’s Image schedules are subject to change. You will be notified by email if should this happen, however it would be beneficial for you to contact us one week prior to course commencement to confirm your course schedule.

Gift Certificates are available for all our services.

  Should you require any further information regarding our courses, please contact  by email.


 Finishing, Deportment  Personal Development & Etiquette Courses for                                     Ladies 19 years and over are available                            

                               Please enquire for dates  by arrangement 10am to 4.00pm over 3 days.  



SCHOOL HOLIDAY and weekly COURSES for Young ladies 12-18 years    

 Course dates in 2024 enrol now to ensure a place!

  June.     25-28  4 days 10am to 3.00pm 

  Sept.     17-20  4 days 10am to 3.00pm

  Dec.      16-19  4 days 10am to 3.00pm

 Capacity is limited to only eight places in each course- so book early to avoid any disappointment. 

 Enrolments close one month prior to start date or once course is filled. Please check for availability.

 Course cost: $995.00 (early bird discount of $100 with full payment of $895 paid at least six weeks prior  to the start)

 OR pay a Deposit of $395.00 & balance of $600.00 two weeks prior to start.

      This course is also recommended to complete prior to commencing a  professional modelling course.

                         These courses will be held in our  Sunshine Coast Studio.                             

  To ensure enrolment :  an enrolment form must be completed and returned along with the required deposit or full payment.

                                Please email for an enrolment form to ladyserenakeenan@gmail.com or phone 07 5448 1887



                                 At Serena's Image we are striving to make a difference in the lives of others

                                              Courses are held at the Sunshine Coast Studio in Queensland , Australia                            

                                                                                                                COURSE OVERVIEW


  • Posture, Presence, Poise, Deportment simply put is understanding the way you carry yourself and the implications that it has.
  • Walking, Sitting & standing correctly to enhance your posture. Good posture gives the appearance of looking taller and more confident.
  • Stamina
  • Health
  • Building self esteem
  • Confidence
  • Taking responsibility

                        Total Image

  • Grooming and personal hygiene from head to toe
  • Hair care
  • Skin care
  • Body image
  • Nutrition
  • Lifestyle routine
  • Nail care
  • Personal care

                        Make-up - We use Jane Iredale ( the skincare makeup) cosmetics

                   Enhancing your best features for day and evening using professional products.

                   We also offer Makeup Workshops and private lessons

                        Wardrobe & Style

  • Identifying your personal style and best colours with Professional Colour Analysis
  • Figure flattery
  • Face shape
  • Co-ordinating your clothing with accessories
  • Developing a wardrobe plan and wardrobe building
  • Includes a Personal Style Solutions  Guide  and  figure analysis.
  • You will learn how to dress  successfully and appropriately for all occasions
  • Presentation skills.


                    (Manners for the 21st century) 

  • Table manners
  • Considerate manners
  • Social and business introductions
  • Invitations and replies
  • Gift giving,  
  • Staying over
  • Conversation skills
  • Telephone communication and etiquette.

                        Voice and Speech

  • The art of good speech
  • Voice projection & clarity
  • Breath control
  • Articulation
  • Enunciation & pronunciation
  • Tone

                        Vision Boards, Attitude & Motivation

  • Setting and achieving our goals
  • How to live a truly amazing life-learn how to assess your own inherent value!
  • Attitude –the essence of your ultimate success                                                                        
This course includes:
  • a Personal Colour & Style & Face Shape Analysis (valued at $650.00)
  • a course manual/workbook
  • tuition and all brushes, skincare, makeup & nail-care products supplied for use in class.
  • A professional photoshoot - head & shoulders (great for resumes)
  • High Tea Graduation ceremony
Over $1950.00 in value, our Finishing Course is just $995.00 
Please note all other dates are discounted by $100 with full payment at least six weeks prior to the start date.

A certificate is presented on completion of the course.

                        This course is also recommended to complete prior to commencing a  modelling course.













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